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External links

Pages on the Salmon Bothy website include links to relevant content within salmonbothy.org.uk and also to external sites.

External links are selected and reviewed when the page is published. However, Salmon Bothy is not responsible for the content, accessibility or privacy policies of external websites. The inclusion of a link to an external website from our website is not an endorsement of that website or the site's owners (or their products/services).


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Where images have been provided by or are copyrighted to other individuals or organisations, this should be clearly stated on the website.

Artists’ copyright lasts throughout their lifetimes and for 70 years from the date of death. When displaying artwork images, we have made every effort not to infringe copyright, and only to display works in copyright if we have permission from artists or their estates. If you are not sure who owns the copyright in any Content you wish to use, please contact info@salmonbothy.org.uk and we will remove the image(s) from the site immediately.

Third Party Content

The V&A has made reasonable efforts to identify any Content in which a third party owns copyright ("Third Party Content"), and to secure permission for its use only by the V&A (and its affiliates, including V&A Enterprises Limited). Therefore, it is your responsibility to secure any permission or consent required for your own use of such Third Party Content.

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