Portsoy Links Caravan Park

Close to pubs, cafes and restaurants, the Portsoy Links Caravan Park is on the shoreline of the Moray Firth coast overlooking the beautiful Links Bay beach making it perfect for a relaxing break, with walks by the sear or along the Banffshire coastline where you can watch the gannets diving and dolphins breaking the waves. Under clear starlit skies, you may even be lucky enough to see the Northern Lights.

The caravan park is very well maintained.

The caravan park is well maintained with electric hook-ups, free Wifi, spotless showers and toilets, including facilities for those with disabilities. It’s a small site with just 37 touring spots and 13 seafront pitches suitable for caravans, motorhomes and camping. There are facilities for washing, refuse and chemical waste disposal and a launderette. There is Wi-Fi in the park as well as gas stocks.

Positives and negatives of travelling with your caravan

Travelling with your caravan allows you the freedom to explore and move on at your own pace. You have everything you want on a trip as you can fit everything in making holiday planning simple and stress free.

Travelling with your family in caravan

If you are staying with the same people in the caravan for a period of time, the small space means lack of privacy and people can become annoying. You also need to factor in time for maintenance and daily tasks such as draining, cooking and cleaning. Spend time out of the caravan to enjoy the sun or explore a new surronding area.

Suitable parks to go camping with your caravan

How to find a suitable caravan park for your needs?

When travelling with your caravan, the best places to spend the night is at a designated caravan park. These will provide you with all the amenities you need, including power and bathrooms. You can also book in advance online to ensure you get a spot, which is also possible if you want to park at a camp site or at a National Park.

If you want to park outside of a designated area set aside for caravans, do some research before you go as local council laws and parking regulations differ from place to place and you could be fined if in the wrong spot. Council websites will be a good start. If you park on street, make sure it is one with street lights so you are not an obstruction. By law you cannot live in the caravan.

Is it cheaper or more expensive to travel with your caravan?

If you want to look at the costs of caravanning, factor in the cost of your caravan and the amount of time you will want to use it. If you want to keep a caravan on one site to go to occasionally, there are site occupancy restrictions with sites closed for two or three months of the year. Caravanning can cost a lot of money when you add in fuel costs, and if you need a bigger car to pull it, but it gives you a freedom that other holidays cannot.

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